Half Cobra Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Half Cobra Pose Mean?

Taking after a common yoga asana, cobra pose, the half cobra gives the benefits of a backbend, but without as much flexion of the spine. The half cobra is a beginner backbend that can be utilized in almost any yoga practice.

To do half cobra pose, start by lying face down on the mat and placing each palm and elbow under the shoulders. Slowly press into the hands, and using the back muscles, lift the chest and head upward off of the mat. Another variation of this pose is performed with the legs slightly apart to decrease any tension placed on the spine.

Half cobra pose is known as ardha bhujangasana when translated into Sanskrit, broken down as half (ardha) and cobra (bhujangasana).

Half Cobra Pose


Yogapedia Explains Half Cobra Pose

Half cobra is a stepping stone to full cobra position and other more intense backbends. Along with helping the spine’s extension and length, this pose is effective in opening the shoulders and chest. Internally, the soft pressure and slight upward motion is beneficial for the digestive systems, and the pelvis touching the floor massages the lymph nodes. Mentally, the half cobra alleviates feelings of anxiousness, mild depression and stress with an improved sense of focus.

Adding this pose into a yoga practice is beneficial, but those with spine injuries should perform this pose with caution. Doing the opened leg variation described above or with the hands further apart can be good modifications for those who still want to access this pose. Pregnant women, those with stomach ulcers or wrist sensitivities should practice mindfulness or avoidance when attempting to practice the half cobra.

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Baby Cobra Pose

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