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What Does Sacrum Mean?

The sacrum is a part of the lower back and consists of fused vertebrae that form an inverted triangular-shaped bone. Located between the hip bones, the sacrum supports the body’s weight. Yoga can protect the sacrum, stabilize it and ease pain associated with this bone. It can also create problems for the sacroiliac joint (or SI joint) if the poses are practiced incorrectly. Twisting postures, in particular, can cause SI joint problems.

On a spiritual level, the sacrum is believed to be the location of the svadhisthana chakra, which is associated with creativity and sexuality. It is also thought to be the home of kundalini energy, which when awakened, travels up the chakras, activating them.


Yogapedia Explains Sacrum

Maintaining the health of the sacrum is accomplished by careful posture during yoga asanas and careful movement patterns that avoid strain. Women must be especially aware because only two parts of the sacrum move, whereas men have more mobility with three articulated segments. Women’s wider hips also put more strain on the SI joint.

To stabilize and realign the pelvic region by taking pressure off the sacrum, the following is recommended:

  • Gentle stretches for the hips, abdominal muscles, hamstrings and lower back
  • Gentle backbend poses such as bridge, bow, cobra and reclining hero
  • Hip-openers such as child’s pose and bound angle
  • Symmetrical poses to ease the sacrum into position such as locust pose and forward fold

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