Kumarila Bhatta

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Kumarila Bhatta Mean?

Kumarila Bhatta was a Hindu philosopher and proponent of Mimamsa, one of the orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. He was believed to have lived around the seventh or eighth century and was one of the most influential thinkers in the history of Indian philosophy.

Kumarila was a steadfast believer in the supreme authority of Vedic texts and a confirmed ritualist. He is known for his many influential writings defending Vedic philosophy in general and early Mimamsa philosophy in particular.


Yogapedia Explains Kumarila Bhatta

Mimamsa is generally believed to be the oldest of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy and has had a significant influence on Hindu law. Mimamsa provides rules for interpreting the early Hindu scriptures known as the Vedas and offers philosophical rationale for observing Vedic rituals. The Vedas are seen as infallible and, therefore, as the authority for knowing dharma.

Kumarila is known for his interpretation of the “Mimamsa Sutras,” considered the primary source for the study of this school of philosophy.

Although it is believed that Kumarila Bhatta converted to Buddhism in his youth, he later returned to Hinduism and focused on trying to stop the spread of Buddhism and Jainism in southern India. Some believe that he did not convert to Buddhism but pretended to in order to spy on the Buddhists.

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