Yoga Socks

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Yoga Socks Mean?

Yoga socks are specially designed socks that typically have some sort of gripping material on the soles and often separate the toes. Styles can vary widely, but most are designed to prevent slipping and create more stability in the poses. The act of spreading the toes in a yoga posture strengthens and stretches the toes and feet, providing a better base and grounding in asana practice.

Purists argue that socks create a barrier between the yogi and the ground. Socks that grip, they say, are only needed on slippery floors.


Yogapedia Explains Yoga Socks

Yoga socks can cover the calf, the ankle or just the foot. While some have individual sections for each toe like gloves or cover the toes like regular socks, others end just before the toes, leaving the toes exposed. Some styles even leave the heels exposed. The materials from which the socks are made are just as varied.

Despite the detractors, yoga socks’ benefits are not insignificant, particularly for beginners. The socks have the potential to prevent injuries by preventing falls and the transfer of germs from sweaty feet. They also give beginners the confidence to go deeper into the poses thanks to the stabilization the socks provide. As such, they are a useful training tool. For example, in warrior one and two pose, the yogi gains stability by bracing against the back foot, allowing him/her to learn and hold the proper posture.

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