Brahmakara Vritti

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Brahmakara Vritti Mean?

Brahmakara vritti is a state of mind that involves thought of Brahman alone and is reached through deep yogic meditation. It comes from the Sanskrit, brahma, meaning “sacred” or “divine”; akara, meaning “shape”; and vritti, meaning “wave of thought.” The translation, therefore, is “thoughts that have the shape of the Divine [Brahman].”

Brahmakara vritti refers to the final state of the mind before it becomes one with the Absolute Truth, at which point there is no mind at all and the self is in eternal liberation.


Yogapedia Explains Brahmakara Vritti

In brahmakara vritti, the mind is no longer filled with citta vritti, or “mind chatter.” Yogic training in concentration, attention, breathing exercises and meditation can quiet citta vritti in order to help the yogi reach a more peaceful awareness and truer sense of self.

Brahmakara vritti is equated with samadhi, which is enlightenment and the mind’s ultimate state of being. Samadhi is the eighth and final limb of Patanjali’s eight-step path of yoga. The mind no longer perceives plurality and duality. Its existence has become limitless consciousness, both timeless and spaceless. Individuality no longer exists.

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