Akhanda Yoga

Definition - What does Akhanda Yoga mean?

Akhanda yoga is an integrated style of yoga developed by Yogi Vishvketu that draws from a variety of traditions and paths. Focusing not just on the physical practice of asana and pranayama, Akhanda yoga incorporates yogic philosophy, theory and lifestyle concepts. Akhanda is a Sanskrit word that means “whole,” “not broken” or “entire”; and yoga translates as “union.”

Vishvketu founded Akhanda yoga after moving to Canada in 2001. Akhanda classes are now taught throughout Canada, in Europe and in India.

Yogapedia explains Akhanda Yoga

Akhanda yoga is designed as an experiential practice that encourages yogis to look within and explore how the experience of practice affects them. Akhanda classes pull concepts and practices from these traditional paths:

  • Hatha – physical practice of asana, mudra, pranayama, as well as meditation, bandha and kriya
  • Jnana – includes aspects of Vedanta philosophy, particularly oneness of existence
  • Raja/Ashtanga – the eight-fold path of yoga as outlined in The Yoga Sutras
  • Mantra – the recitation of mantras
  • Karma – understanding of right action
  • Bhakti – chanting, contemplating and surrendering to devotion
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