Om Hreem Shreem

Definition - What does Om Hreem Shreem mean?

Om Hreem Shreem, is a Sanskrit bija, or "seed," mantra used for meditation, and it connects the breath to the body and mind. The resonance of this mantra expands the consciousness, leading the yogi to a calm, clear mind that can attain enlightenment. The mantra, om hreem shreem, is Sanskrit for divine intelligence, truth and material/non-material support.

Yogapedia explains Om Hreem Shreem

Mantras are used as a tool to calm the physical senses so the yogi can cultivate a deeper connection and resonance to their inner being. When a yogi meditates using mantras, the yogi first learns to control the breath around the pattern of the words; this calms the senses. Once the yogi can allow the meaning of the mantra to enter the consciousness, they can begin to open to the full realization and experience of the mantra.

The patterns of the sounds of the mantra om hreem shreem cultivate the divine energy of the Goddess Lakshmi. The mantra manifests as vitality and abundance, not only in spiritual practice, but also in life. The Goddess Lakshmi is a positive and powerful source of happiness and prosperity that opens and energizes the heart by cultivating prana, or life force energy, in the body and mind through the repetition of the mantra.

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