Aham Prema

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Aham Prema Mean?

Aham prema is a mantra that is typically translated as “I am divine love.” It comes from the Sanskrit, aham, meaning “I,” and prema, meaning “love” or “affection.” Mantras are repeated silently or aloud for their powerful sound vibrations, which are thought to affect prana (life-force energy) in the body, and for their ability to transform or achieve a purpose.

The ahem prema mantra is believed to create pure love so the yogi experiences his/her fundamental nature as one with divine love.


Yogapedia Explains Aham Prema

Prema also encompasses human and universal love, and is the essence of the cosmic force of consciousness. Chanting aham prema affirms that the Self is pure divine love. In yoga, chanting such a mantra calms the mind in preparation for and focus during meditation. The aham prema mantra also helps the yogi on his/her path to union with the higher Self, or the Divine.

To embrace this loving energy of the Divine, it is recommended that the yogi recite the mantra 108 times per day. That number is said to correspond to the number of energy channels, or nadis, through which prana flows in the body, connecting the chakras. The mantra chant should continue for 40 days in order to create change and affect the yogi’s consciousness on all levels.

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Ahem Prema

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