Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Microvita Mean?

The theory of tiny entities called microvita was introduced in 1986 by the late Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, an Indian philosopher and yogi. Sarkar postulated that microvita exist within both the physical and psychic realms. In the physical world, they are smaller than subatomic particles, and in the psychic domain, they are subtler than mind stuff (that of which consciousness is made).

Before his death in 1990, Sarkar predicted that conventional science would embrace the theory of these microvita, which literally means “tiny lives.” Research continues and even includes possible links to quantum physics.


Yogapedia Explains Microvita

In the spiritual and psychic realms, there are both positive and negative tendencies. According to Sarkar, there are also positive and negative microvita, with the positive enhancing a person’s positive tendencies and weakening the negative tendencies. The opposite is also true. The goal, then, would be attracting positive microvita, which Sarkar said is possible by focusing on activities that elevate the mind.

Scholars and researchers have since theorized that microvita are catalyzing agents that pay a key role in building and maintaining both physical structures (atoms and subatomic particles) and pure energy.

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