Om Shree Matre Namah

Definition - What does Om Shree Matre Namah mean?

Om shree matre namah is a Sanskrit mantra chanted to honor the divine mother. It may be repeated alone or with other mantras honoring the various forms of the feminine divine. In general, mantras are chanted silently or aloud to calm and focus the mind. In yoga, mantras are often used in meditation to awaken higher consciousness.

Specifically, om shree matre namah taps into the creative power of the universe, as represented by the divine feminine energy.

Yogapedia explains Om Shree Matre Namah

The mantra is typically translated from Sanskrit as “salutations to the sacred mother” or “I bow to the divine mother.” Each word of the mantra has significance:

  • Om, sometimes spelled Aum, is the cosmic sound and vibration of the universe. Alone, it is considered the most sacred of all mantras.
  • Shree is a title of respect for a deity. Its literal meaning is “splendor” “auspicious” and “grace.”
  • Matre translates as “mother.” In this case, it refers to the mother of creation.
  • Namah means “it is not about me” and is often translated as “we bow down” or “we honor.” In a mantra, it is a reminder that the yogi's focus should not be on him/herself.
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