Ashaya Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Ashaya Yoga Mean?

Ashaya Yoga is a registered trademark for a style of yoga founded in 2012 by Todd Norian. Ashaya is a Sanskrit word meaning “abode of the heart.” Norian chose the name because his yoga style blends the power of the heart with precise bio-mechanical alignment techniques. The goal of Ashaya Yoga is the alignment of mind, body and spirit in a loving and supportive environment.

Like other yoga practices, Ashaya Yoga improves flexibility, strength and balance, but it is also transformational with its emphasis on an uplifting and empowering atmosphere based on Tantra philosophy.


Yogapedia Explains Ashaya Yoga

The Ashaya Yoga website states that the mission of this form of yoga is to “serve the evolution of consciousness on the planet and increase self-awareness, wholeness, healing, and freedom.”

Ashaya Yoga practice includes yoga asanas, pranayama breathing exercises and meditation. Emphasis is placed on yoga ethics, including the yamas and niyamas, the first two of the eight-limbed path of yoga as laid out in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The yamas are the restraints, or what not to do, and the niyamas are the observances, or what to do. Ashaya Yoga practice also seeks to balance the five elements (water, earth, air, fire and sky) within the body.

The practice of Ahsaya Yoga is nurturing, as yogis share their challenges and successes, while respecting the boundaries of their fellow yogis. The result is mental and spiritual healing, in addition to the therapeutic physical benefits of the yoga asanas.

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