Satyananda Yoga

Definition - What does Satyananda Yoga mean?

Satyananda yoga is a type of yoga that intentionally centers on the whole person and was developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Compared to Iyengar or Vinyasa yoga, Satyananda yoga is gentle and less physically oriented. A Satyananda yoga practice begins slowly with a systematic sequence of asanas and incorporates pranayama, meditation, Tantric and cleansing practices, and pratyahara.

Yogapedia explains Satyananda Yoga

Swami Satyananda developed Satyananda yoga based on ancient Indian yoga practice as well as modern medical physiotherapy. In Satyananda yoga, yogis are encouraged to seek out realization of the whole person through their yoga practice. Some of the benefits of this type of practice include mental clarity and peace as well as reduced physical tension in the body by the performance of gentle, systematic asanas.

The primary goal of a Satyananda practice is inner awareness of the self, instead of solely increasing physical stamina or health. Satyananda yoga includes attitudes held by practitioners of Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga and Jnana yoga.

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