Dharma Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Dharma Yoga Mean?

Dharma yoga is a style of yoga that blends techniques from Hatha yoga and numerous other styles with traditional yogic philosophy and meditation. It is sometimes called Dharma Mittra Yoga.

Dharma yoga was developed by yogi master Sri Dharma Mittra, a student of Yogi Gupta; he is the founder of the Dharma Yoga Center in New York. He is perhaps best known for his Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures, a work of art depicting 908 asanas. Instructors certified in the Dharma yoga technique teach all over the world.


Yogapedia Explains Dharma Yoga

Dharma yoga includes a progressive series of vinyasa sequences designed to allow the free flow of prana energy up and down the spine and throughout the physical body and mind. The postures include stretching, twists, balancing poses, backbends and some inversions. Because Dharma Yoga has several series vinyasas, it can be practiced by yogis at the level appropriate to their skills.

Dharma yoga, though, is more than the physical practice. It incorporates all of the eight limbs of yoga as outlined in the Yoga Sutras. Specifically, Dharma yoga includes pranayama breathing exercises, meditation and even instruction on yogic philosophy and lifestyle with the ultimate goal reaching Self-realization, or knowledge of the true Self.

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Dharma Mittra Yoga

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