Mamsa Sadhana

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Mamsa Sadhana Mean?

Mamsa sadhana is a type of yogic practice common in Tantra and Tantric yoga that involves the control of speech. This practice may involve limiting speech to only talk when absolutely necessary, or it may involve periods of complete silence.

There are many explanations and interpretations given for the Sanskrit roots of mamsa sadhana. Generally speaking, mamsa can be translated as “meat” or “flesh.” Ma can be translated as “tongue,” which relates to the concept of speech; or mam can mean “to” or “into me,” and sa can mean “knowledge.” Sadhana refers to the discipline of routine spiritual practice.

In Tantra, it is said that “meat” is just the crude meaning of mamsa, in which the control of speech is its subtler, more allegorical connotation.


Yogapedia Explains Mamsa Sadhana

Mamsa sadhana is an important concept in yoga because many believe that as part of spiritual practice, yogis should only talk when it is necessary. This allows for them to be introspective, focus and look inside themselves.

Some sources say that the deeper purpose of mamsa sadhana is for the yogi to withdraw their senses and their energy into themselves to connect with the Divine within and see that it is the God that creates flesh and life. Recognizing that connection to the Divine makes this one optional route to enlightenment or Self-realization.

The idea of mamsa is symbolized in Tantric yoga by khecari mudra. In khecari mudra, the tongue is folded toward the back of the throat, which symbolizes the eating of meat. It also represents the control of the tongue and, thus, of speech.

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