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What Does Desapabandha Mean?

Desapabandha is a Sanskrit word that means “limitation of space.” A Jain code of conduct, desapabandha assists the yogi in realizing and practicing the five mahavratas (“great vows”) in the physical manifestation of their daily lives. The concept of desa in Sanskrit, means “space,” and pabandha means “to be locked.” When the words are combined, the concept of space is given a base in physical reality.


Yogapedia Explains Desapabandha

Desapabandha is a vow to uphold and maintain the actions and behaviors that one can control. This vow outlines the conduct that respects the space and locale that the yogi lives in, bringing spirituality to daily living. Examples of practicing desapabandha include being kind to animals, being a vegetarian, using self-restraint to control impulses, not being wasteful and being charitable to one’s community.

Desapabandha is integrated into the five mahavratas as:

  • Ahimsa — “non-violence”
  • Satya — “truth”
  • Asteya — “non-stealing”
  • Brahmacharya — “chastity”
  • Aparigraha — “non-attachment”

These vows are often considered spiritual concepts; however, the vows bring to life specific actions and choices a yogi can make in their everyday lives.

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