Definition - What does Desatita mean?

Desatita is a Sanskrit word that means "beyond space," with desa meaning "space" and tita meaning "no." However, the meaning in Sanskrit is deeper than simply "no space" or "beyond space." More accurately, it means "limitless beyond space."

Commonly used to describe philosophical concepts considered to be universal truths or our state of being, desatita is a way to describe the unbounded consciousness or the true Self. For example, our unbounded consciousness, when realized, is not confined by space.

Yogapedia explains Desatita

The concept of desatita is not used to determine our place in space, but rather to describe our state of mind and universal truths. An enlightened mind or a universal truth is not limited by space, even though yogis exist in a physical world. When the mind is enlightened, the yogi experiences the deep connection to all living beings and the universe. That is the universal truth: that everything is connected and everything is impermanent.

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