Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Desa-Kala-Patra Mean?

Desa-kala-patra is a Balinese life doctrine that explores the relationship and dynamics of where one lives, when one lives and the circumstances in which one lives. The words translate as desa, meaning “place”; kala, meaning “time,” and patra, meaning “individual.” Desa-kala-patra recognizes that all aspects of life are influenced by these factors and can determine the circumstances that an individual can and cannot control.


Yogapedia Explains Desa-Kala-Patra

The concept of desa-kala-patra helps yogis put their life and circumstances into perspective based on what they can and cannot control while helping them make the best decision to meet goals that work in harmony with these elements. An individual can change many approaches from small to large based on understanding these concepts, while also understanding throughout the course of their life how they have experienced these elements has also changed.

The dynamic modern world is based on a yogi’s perception of time, place and who they are; but, yogis are often limited by those very same variables. The recognition that place, time and circumstance can be different in all situations, allows the yogi to expand their understanding of other yogis as well as of themselves. While a yogi cannot control the time, the geography or climate of where they were born or live, they can create awareness of how those things affect their lives.

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