One-Handed Handstand

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does One-Handed Handstand Mean?

One-handed handstand is an advanced inversion where the yogi balances on one arm while the body and feet reach up to the sky.

From handstand, the yogi shifts their weight and balances along their midline as one arm is lifted from the ground to rest alongside the legs.

One-handed handstand is known as eka hasta adho mukha vrksasana in Sanskrit.

One-Handed Handstand


Yogapedia Explains One-Handed Handstand

One-handed handstand is an advanced variation of handstand that requires yogis to develop great strength and a refined mind in order to correctly balance and remain steady while upside-down and balancing on one arm.


one-handed handstand posture is considered advanced, as the yogi will shift the weight of the body to the midline while holding tension throughout the body, using only one arm to balance and support the posture.

One-handed handstand is a playful pose, and like all inversions, it elevates and improves mood, boosts confidence and increases circulation to the brain. Increased circulation to the brain, thus, stimulates the pituitary gland, which is the control center for the endocrine system and regulates the release of hormones.

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One-Armed Handstand

One Hand Handstand

One Arm Handstand

One Armed Downward Facing Tree

One-Armed Downward Facing Tree

eka hasta adho mukha vrksasana

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