Definition - What does Waheguru mean?

Waheguru is a mantra chanted in yoga – particularly Kundalini yoga – that is used to elevate the spirit. The term derives from several Indian languages. Wahe is typically translated as “wonderful,” but it is more of an exclamation of ecstasy and wonder. Guru means “teacher,” but is also translated as “remover of darkness.”

In Sikhism, Waheguru is the most common of the many names used to describe the Supreme Being as a universal, genderless deity. As a mantra, Waheguru allows Sikhs to call upon the divine light to remove spiritual darkness.

Yogapedia explains Waheguru

In Kundalini yoga, Waheguru is chanted as an awakening mantra and a way of expressing the bliss of going from spiritual ignorance to spiritual enlightenment or wisdom.

One simple Waheguru mantra is Satnam Sri Waheguru. Satnam comes from the Sanskrit, sat, meaning "truth," and nam, meaning “name.” It translates as “the name is truth” and is used as another name for the Supreme Being. Sri is a title of veneration. As a whole, the mantra can be translated as “Great is the Guru, the teacher who leads me from darkness to light.”

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