Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Elohim Mean?

Elohim is one of the Hebrew names for God. Although a plural noun, it is generally used in the singular sense to refer to God as creator and judge of the universe. In the context of yoga, it is used as a mantra to calm and focus the mind and to create a deeper connection to God.

Although yogic mantras are most often recited in the ancient Sanskrit language of India, they are by no means limited to the languages of the subcontinent and its religions, such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.


Yogapedia Explains Elohim

A mantra can be a single syllable, a word, a phrase or even a longer prayer or poem. It is chanted silently or aloud for a specific purpose or for the energy emitted by the sound vibrations. It is not uncommon for spiritual meditation mantras to be the repetition of the name or seed sound of a specific spiritual figure or deity, as with Elohim.

The Hebrew scriptures use more than 70 names for God, each representing a specific quality or aspect. Elohim is said to represent the strength of God, who provides guidance and assistance to those who are distressed. By focusing on Elohim’s strength, the yogi gains a deeper understanding and connection with God.

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