Tantric Mantra

Last Updated: June 12, 2018

Definition - What does Tantric Mantra mean?

A Tantric mantra is one that is used in puja (worship) and to help resolve problems. There are a wide range of Tantric mantras, each designed to resolve a particular issue. Tantra is a term used to describe the esoteric mystical and ritualistic religious traditions typically associated with Shaktism in the Hindu tradition and Vajrayana in Buddhism.

Tantric mantras are said to produce almost instantaneous results. The mantras' power comes from awakening kundalini (primal energy or shakti), which in turn spurs spiritual growth and is even associated with psychic ability.

Yogapedia explains Tantric Mantra

Tantric mantras use bija (seed) sounds, which have no specific meaning, but represent a particular deity, divine energy or aspect. The bijas can be chanted alone or combined with other bijas, sounds or words.

One such Tantric mantra appeals to the fierce Hindu goddess, Chamunda, an avatar of the mother goddess, Devi:

Om aing hring shring kling

Chamundai namo vichche

Although it has no direct translation, it offers salutations to the goddess and seeks strength and fulfillment of desires and aspirations.

In Tantric puja, mantras are thought to have four layers, or koshas, each more subtle than its predecessor:

  • The word and its meaning
  • The feeling of the mantra
  • An intense, deep awareness
  • A state of ajapa-japa, or soundless sound, when the mantra is no longer repeated, but is fully understood

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