Agni Vinyasa Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Agni Vinyasa Yoga Mean?

Agni Vinyasa yoga is a style of the discipline that includes a rapid series of poses synchronized with the breath. The name comes from the Sanskrit, agni, meaning “fire,” and vinyasa, which means “movement.”

Vinyasa, in general, refers to performing a series of poses by synchronizing the breath with each movement so that each pose and each movement within the pose flows from one to the next. There are several different versions of yoga practice that use the name, Agni Vinyasa yoga, but they all include vinyasa melded with some aspect of the fire element, creating physical heat with movement and stoking the inner fire.


Yogapedia Explains Agni Vinyasa Yoga

As taught by the Greek yogi, Garundananda, Agni Vinyasa yoga is a style of Ashtanga yoga that also resembles Iyengar yoga. The poses are practiced in a quick series, although some postures are held for a longer time to increase endurance. Garundananda’s version of Agni Vinyasa yoga is designed to purify the body and mind while boosting concentration.

Agni Vinyasa yoga also describes:

  • Specific classes that are inspired by the fire element by offering vinyasa in a room heated to 85 to 90 degrees.
  • Raji Thron’s signature Yoga Synthesis 3 fire series, which starts with Sun Salutations before flowing into standing and arm-balancing poses, backbends, splits, forward bends and inversions.

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