Om Aieem Hreem

Definition - What does Om Aieem Hreem mean?

Om Aieem Hreem is a bija, or "seed," mantra that translates as "pranic energy solar sound" in English. The process of realizing the mantra through repetition aligns one's nature with the cosmic energy and intelligence by allowing yogis to experience their true nature in relation to the universe. As a yogi learns and repeats this mantra, the physical body comes into harmony with universal energy and the mind becomes stronger and more able to experience its true nature and place within the universe.

Yogapedia explains Om Aieem Hreem

Mantras refine the physical body and strengthen the breath as the yogi holds a meditation posture while the spoken words align with the breath, which helps to clear and settle the mind. Once the mind is clear and settled, the mantra can begin to be contemplated, and realized.

Om represents the pranic energy and wisdom of the universe. Aieem represents the Hindu goddess of knowledge, Saraswati, known for cultivating divine wisdom in nature. Hreem holds the creative and healing powers of the divine and is a solar mantra that illuminates the mind.

Om Aieem Hreem deepens the connection of a yogi to the energy and creativity of the universe, while also awakening the mind to the higher consciousness of universal energy. Om Aieem Hreem expands the thoughts of the yogi by the deliberate contemplation of their place in the universe.

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