Full Boat Pose

Definition - What does Full Boat Pose mean?

Full boat pose is a powerful seated posture that strengthens the muscles of the core and legs.

From staff pose, the knees are bent and thighs drawn in toward the torso. The body rocks back slightly to balance between the sit bones and the tailbone, while the spine remains long. The arms extend forward, parallel to the floor. The legs lift and, for full boat pose, the knees straighten so that the toes are slightly higher than eye level and the body forms a "V" shape.

Full boat pose is also known by its Sanskrit name, paripurna navasana.

Yogapedia explains Full Boat Pose

Full boat pose primarily works on core stability and strengthening. Additional benefits of full boat pose include:

  • Improves digestion
  • Stimulates the glandular system, especially the thyroid and prostrate glands
  • Strengthens the hip flexors and spine
  • Increases muscle endurance

This posture should be attempted with caution by those with asthma, low blood pressure, headaches, heart problems or insomnia. It can be modified for those with neck injuries by sitting with the back to the wall so the head is supported.

A modification to this pose is to keep the knees bent and place the toes and/or hands on the floor. A strap may also be looped around the feet to help lift them up.

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