Atma Bala

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Atma Bala Mean?

Atma bala is a Sanskrit term that means “strength of the Atman,” or the true Self. It is also defined as “spiritual strength,” “inner vitality” or “soul force.” These definitions are reflected in the alternate translation of atman as “breath,” representing the inner life-force energy.

A yogi attains atma bala through yogic practices such as pranayama, mantra, asana and meditation – particularly the final three stages of the eight-limbed path of yoga: dharana (concentration), dhyana (deeper meditation and concentration) and samadhi (absorption), collectively known as sanyam.


Yogapedia Explains Atma Bala

In some traditions, the atman is of two types: the jiva-atman, or individual Self; and the paramatman, or universal Self. To achieve moksha, or liberation, the individual atman becomes one with the higher Self. It is then that the atman acquires its true bala, or strength.

With a strong atma bala, the yogi is not affected by external forces. Instead, his/her spiritual strength and internal power become infinite, and he/she achieves Self-knowledge and Self-awareness that unifies the atman with Brahman, or the Absolute.

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