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What Does Pandharpur Mean?

Pandharpur is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which is the most popular pilgrimage site for the Varkari, a movement within Hinduism’s Bhakti tradition. Bhakti includes one of yoga’s main paths, the path of devotion, or Bhakti yoga.

Pandharpur has a population of roughly 140,000 and is the location of the main temple dedicated to the Hindu god, Vitthal. Vitthal is believed to be an incarnation of Krishna, who is an avatar of Vishnu.


Yogapedia Explains Pandharpur

The annual vari, or pilgrimage, to Pandharpur is held in late June or July, during the eleventh day of Ashadha, the fourth month of the lunar calendar. Pilgrims carry statues of the saints in procession from the shrines that mark the location of their enlightenment (samadhi) to Pandharpur. The city is situated along the banks of the Bhima River and, traditionally, the pilgrims take a cleansing dip in the river before moving on to the temple.

In keeping with the Bhakti tradition of devotion, seva (acts of selfless service) to the needy is a key component of the pilgrimage. Seva may take the form of food donations, medical assistance and/or repairs.

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