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What Does Sada Mean?

Sada is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “ever,” “eternally,” “always” or “continually.” In addition to its connotations of eternity and perpetuity, sada has extra possible meanings of “exhaustion,” “loss,” “weakness” or “decay.” The word may also mean “fruit” and may even be used as a boy’s name.


Yogapedia Explains Sada

Sada appears in a number of mantras and shlokas in yoga, including the shloka on Sri Rama: Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate, which means “Lord Rama, the jewel among the kings, who always emerges victorious.”

Sada is also part of a well-known Sanskrit prayer, Namaste Sada Vatsale, which is a respectful verse of devotion to India as the motherland of the people who wrote it.

Finally, sada is used as a prefix in Sadashiva, which is the name for what some believe to be the highest form of the Hindu god, Shiva. Sadashiva may be translated as “the one who is always happy, loving and auspicious.” In yoga, it is believed that one can find Sadashiva deep within one’s self.

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