Shiva Manasa Puja

Definition - What does Shiva Manasa Puja mean?

"Shiva Manasa Puja" is a stotra, or hymn of praise, dedicated to Lord Shiva and composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya.

A manasa puja, more generally, is a mental form of worship and devotion, or Bhakti yoga. It is considered particularly powerful because it is possible to begin manasa puja immediately, wherever the yogi is and whatever they are doing since it only requires use of the mind. It is a powerful way to get closer to and connect with the Divine. In the case of "Shiva Manasa Puja," the god that the yogi is connecting with is Lord Shiva.

Yogapedia explains Shiva Manasa Puja

To use the "Shiva Manasa Puja" as a stotra is an act of mental worship of Lord Shiva. The words of the title can be directly translated as:

  • Shiva - a principal deity of Hinduism
  • Manasa - mental
  • Puja - worship

The "Shiva Manasa Puja" is considered to be a very beautiful text and form of worship, which not only describes and directs the yogi in the way they can devote themselves to Lord Shiva, but it also explains the benefits and experience of connecting to the Divine. It says that once the form of Lord Shiva is established in the yogi’s heart, this connection to the heart will remain, and the devotion to Shiva will be continually enlivened and made more vibrant.

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