Shiva Drishti

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Shiva Drishti Mean?

Shiva drishti is a term which can describe the idea in yoga of focusing on the Divine or “seeing what is good.” Shiva drishti draws on the fact that a drishti can mean either a physical focal point of reference, such as those used in yoga asanas, or a mental focal point. The term, shiva, in this case, has connotations of “auspicious,” “kind” and “gracious.” It is also the name of a principal deity of Hinduism.

Shiva drishti is a particular approach to seeing the world through a different perspective or filter, and is one that yogis can practice and cultivate so that it becomes natural and easy.


Yogapedia Explains Shiva Drishti

The concept of shiva drishti is particularly relevant in Tantric philosophy, which emphasizes the way that a yogi’s perspective, or darshana, influences and colors the way in which they see the world. A personal darshana is like a lens or a filter over the yogi’s world view, and is formed through their interactions. One route out of suffering is to become aware of the darshana and use this new awareness to begin to recognize the cause of suffering.

Shiva drishti is one way in which a yogi can choose a more helpful darshana, by choosing to perceive the world through the filter of goodness. It is said that this approach can help the yogi to connect more easily and naturally with their own inner auspicious qualities because when all is perceived through the filter of “seeing what is good,” there is no space for anything else.

Shiva drishti, therefore, teaches yogis to set an intention to seek for and see goodness and stick to it. They may then align that intention with their actions by ensuring they enhance the good they see by only carrying out good actions as well.

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