Reclining Formidable Pose

Last Updated: May 21, 2018

Definition - What does Reclining Formidable Pose mean?

Reclining formidable pose is an advanced, intense hip opener that requires flexibility.

From a seated position with both legs extended, bend one leg and wrap it under the corresponding arm and around the back of the neck. Then, lay back, place the hands at the heart center in prayer position, and gaze toward the sky.

This pose is also known by its Sanskrit name, supta bhairavasana, and is sometimes also referred to as supine leg behind head pose.

Reclining Formidable Pose

Yogapedia explains Reclining Formidable Pose

Reclining formidable pose, although an advanced posture, is a less intense variation of bhairavasana, which includes an arm balance. If reclining in the posture is uncomfortable, remain seated upright — a posture called foot-behind-the-head pose.

In addition to opening the hips, reclining formidable pose has these benefits:

  • Opens the shoulders
  • Stretches and strengthens the hamstrings, calves and spine
  • Eases stress and fatigue
  • Relaxes the mind

Yogis with hip, knee or shoulder injuries should skip reclining formidable pose. Those with tight hips should first practice less strenuous hip openers like leg cradle, happy baby pose or half happy baby pose.

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