Nischala Bhava

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Nischala Bhava Mean?

Nischala bhava is a term used in Hinduism that means different things depending on the context. It is most commonly translated as “steadfastness” or “immobility” when in reference to one’s spiritual devotion and yogic practice. The nischala bhava holds firm to the motivation to reach samadhi, or true devotees to reaching the goal of Brahman states of consciousness.


Yogapedia Explains Nischala Bhava

As one of the beliefs in Hinduism and yoga is to reach absolute peace, or samadhi, nischala bhava is a way to describe the journey to those higher states of peace. It can be known as holding a true, unwavering belief that harnessing the mind will increase awareness and decrease tendencies of the ego. For householders, nischala bhava can be the way they continue their meditation or spiritual practice throughout their daily lives and tirelessly keep on believing them throughout eternity.

Nischala bhava can also mean beatitude, both inner and outer, as one truly believes that karma will continue until bliss, or samadhi, can be attained. Nischala bhava is also heard in many mantras and meditations that help the practitioner reach enlightenment or higher states of universal consciousness.

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