Sukha Purvaka Pranayama

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sukha Purvaka Pranayama Mean?

Sukha purvaka pranayama is one of the simplest of all yogic breathing techniques. The name of this technique is derived from the Sanskrit, sukha, meaning “easy,” purvaka, meaning “that which precedes,” and pranayama, which refers to yogic breathing techniques.

To perform this pranayama, sit with the eyes closed and spine straight as in padmasana or sukhasana. After a few normal breaths, inhale slowly for six counts, hold for six counts, exhale slowly for six counts and hold the breath for six counts. This is one round. Complete six to nine rounds then relax for at least five minutes.


Yogapedia Explains Sukha Purvaka Pranayama

Pranayama, which is the fourth of The Eight Limbs of Yoga, works both at the physical and mental levels. The benefits of sukha purvaka pranayama include:

  • Purifies the nadis
  • Opens up the lungs
  • Boosts respiratory function
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps to stay in the present
  • Keeps the mind calm
  • Relieves depression

Sukha purvaka pranayama is a fundamental breathing practice that unites puraka, abhyantara kumbhaka, rechaka and bahya kumbhaka, which are the four phases of pranayama.

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Sukha Poorvaka

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