Definition - What does Gurukrupayoga mean?

Gurukrupayoga is a practice in which embodied souls (jiva) are united with the divine by the grace of a spiritual teacher (guru). This term can be broken down into three Sanskrit roots: guru, krupa and yoga. Krupa means 'to have mercy', and so gurukrupayoga, indicates that one can attain spiritual progress at the mercy of a guru.

Yogapedia explains Gurukrupayoga

Gurukrupayoga is thought to diminish ego faster than individual spiritual practice, since practitioners submit themselves to the mercy of a guru who is already vastly experienced. In this sense, gurukrupayoga enables more rapid spiritual advancement, particularly when disciples dedicate themselves to attaining a guru's ultimate benefaction.

Gurukrupayoga is a confluence of Jnana, Bhakti and Karma yoga, encompassing both gross and subtle principles and practices. Perhaps the most subtle aspect of gurukrupayoga is that of the guru's grace. If the guru does not mentally will the disciple to progress spiritually, they are prevented from doing so. In some cases, the guru's mere presence is enough to spark spiritual advancement in the practitioner.

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