The Art Of Living

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does The Art Of Living Mean?

The Art of Living is a non-profit humanitarian and educational foundation established in the early 1980s by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Described by Shankar himself as more of a movement and philosophy than an organization, The Art of Living nonetheless is a group that works to improve and unite the world through self-development using yoga and breathing techniques.

The Art of Living Foundation has a presence in 154 countries and collaborates with other worldwide organizations on humanitarian and service projects such as disaster relief, rural development and environmental protection, among others.


Yogapedia Explains The Art Of Living

Based in Bangalore, India, The Art of Living bases its work of Shankar’s philosophy that world peace is only possible if people have stress-free minds. The foundation, therefore, offers programs that promote this philosophy and focus on meditation, yoga and breathing exercises described as sudarshan kriya, which uses the breath’s natural rhythms to reduce physical stress and calm the mind and emotions.

The Art of Living cites research that sudarshan kriya techniques boost the function of the brain as well as the immune and cardiovascular systems. As a result, the kriya reduces depression, stress, anxiety and similar emotional disorders.

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