Hari Narayan

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Hari Narayan Mean?

Hari Narayan is a mantra that is chanted for healing and mental clarity. The phrase is translated as “creative sustenance.” It comes from the Sanskrit, hari, which means “remover,” and Narayan, the name of a Vedic deity associated with water. The mantra suggests the cleansing power of water.

Mantras are single words, phrases or series of phrases that are chanted aloud or silently for their spiritual powers or to calm and focus the mind. In yoga, mantras are often used during pranayama, some asana practices and in meditation to awaken higher consciousness.


Yogapedia Explains Hari Narayan

Hari Narayan is typically chanted as part of a longer mantra. One such common mantra is the chotay pad (full moon) mantra:

Sat Narayan
Wha he guru
Hari Narayan
Sat nam

It translates as:

True sustainer
Indescribable wisdom
Creative sustenance
True identity

In addition to its healing properties, this mantra is thought to create inner peace, good fortune and happiness.

Another simple Hari Narayan mantra is:

Sat Narayan hari Narayan
Hari Narayan hari hari

This mantra seeks to allow the blessings of the universe to flow into one’s life. The first line refers to the vibrations of creation, while the second line represents the creative flow as expressed through the soul.

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