Chakra Puja

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Chakra Puja Mean?

Chakra puja, is a Tantric ritual of honor that celebrates sexual union. From Sanskrit, chakra means and “wheel” and puja means “worship.”

Tantra acknowledges and celebrates the human sexual drive as a way to bring power and creative energy to life. Chakra puja is a conscious ritual in which partners share in an experience where they focus the senses completely on the experience of the sexual union. During the ritual, the yogi will meditate and use mantras to purify the senses and heighten their experience.


Yogapedia Explains Chakra Puja

Tantra views sexuality and sexual union as a spiritual action that provokes a deeper and more intense experience beyond physical sensation. The chakra puja is a way to allow a yogi to gain control over their sexuality and use this energy as a way to connect with the universal energy of love and joy. The ritual is based on the belief that the connected energy of two people is more powerful than that of a single person. The purpose of the ritual is to remove barriers between physical and spiritual experience that hold the yogi back from reaching enlightenment.

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