Stiti Urdhva Mukgattana Kulpa Dhanurasana

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Stiti Urdhva Mukgattana Kulpa Dhanurasana Mean?

Stiti urdhva mukgattana kulpa dhanurasana is an advanced backbend and balance pose combined into one impressive variation. It is similar to bow pose on the stomach, but it is reversed with the feet and hands as the base and the body floating with the heart opening to the sky.

Start in camel pose with the knees slightly wider than hip-width apart. The back bends so that the hands reach the ankles. Move the hands closer to the toes and begin to lean back, which lifts the knees off the ground. For a more intense stretch, maintain the balance and move the hands from the toes to the heels. A modification of this pose is to start with the hands on the pelvis and slowly work them down during the lean before lifting the knees off the ground.

In English, this pose is known as standing upward-facing intense ankle stretch bow pose.

Stiti Urdhva Mukgattana Kulpa Dhanurasana


Yogapedia Explains Stiti Urdhva Mukgattana Kulpa Dhanurasana

Translated from Sanskrit, stiti means “standing,” urdhva means “upward,” mukga means “face,” uttana means “intense stretch,” kulpa means “ankle,” dhanu means “bow” and asana means “pose.”

This backbend offers help with overall body awareness. The drishti is the third eye or (ajna) chakra, which helps with insight, focus and internal reflection.

In addition to all the physical benefits – such as increased circulation, strengthening of the entire body and building of stamina/balance – the mental benefits include increased energy, concentration, mindfulness and patience.

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