Kuber Yantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Kuber Yantra Mean?

A Kuber yantra is a geometric design typically on a gold, silver or copper plate that is believed to invoke the energy of Kuber, the Vedic demi-god of wealth. He was a devotee of Shiva, who gave him custodianship of all the wealth in the world because of his devotion.

Hindus use the Kuber yantra in worship in an effort to obtain monetary and material wealth. Yantras in general are holy symbols believed to be the manifestation of a deity or a mantra to the deity. A Sanskrit word, yantra, is derived from the root, yam, meaning “to control” or “to restrain”; and the suffix, tra, which comes from trayoti, meaning “liberation.”


Yogapedia Explains Kuber Yantra

To meditate or worship on the Kuber yantra, the mantra to Kuber is chanted:

Om hreem shreem hreem Kuberaya namaha

It should be chanted 21 to 108 times per day for a total of five to 20 minutes a day. The yantra is usually placed on a north- or east-facing wall or on a platform facing north or east. The Kuber yantra should be at eye level, and the yogi should gaze into the center of the yantra.

The Kuber yantra is also sometimes kept in a cash box, cupboard or office, particularly those in which financial transactions take place.

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