Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Aura Mean?

Aura is the name given to the halo of subtle, luminous light that is said to surround all people and living beings, according to several spiritual traditions. It is linked with some yogic philosophies and beliefs because the aura is believed to be connected with the nadis (channels or pathways) of the prana and chakra system. Others may link the perception of auras to the third eye of some Eastern spiritual beliefs.

The aura is said to manifest in different colors and patterns depending on the personality, health and mood of the being. Some see it as a map of the current thoughts and feelings of that person.


Yogapedia Explains Aura

Auras are often worked with as part of an energy or spiritual healing process. This is said to be a powerful way to release energy blocks and allow prana to flow freely through the body. Often, aura healings will focus on the chakras and energy channels of the body. Healers may tackle what is seen as the root causes of energy blockages rather than physical problems since such problems are often perceived as only the symptoms of deeper energetic, spiritual and/or emotional issues.

Aura work may be combined with other spiritual practices, such as meditation or yoga, in order to help the person to become more present in their being and connected with their self.

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