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What Does Padarthabhavini Mean?

Padarthabhavini is a Sanskrit word that represents a higher state of consciousness that is not attached to the material world. Padartha means “material thing” and abhavini means “lack of.” The words combine to represent the sixth stage of knowledge, or jnana, which is a state of being that is achieved through deep meditation and realization of the nature of true existence.


Yogapedia Explains Padarthabhavini

Also known as the sixth stage of knowledge, padarthabhavini is reached after the yogi has progressed through subhechha, suvicharana, tanumanasa, satvapatti and asamsakti.

The progression through the stages of knowledge is made by a committed practice that includes yoga, meditation and spiritual study. The experience of padarthabhavini is the realization that the material world is immaterial. Until the yogi attains padarthabhavini, the yogi is known as brahmavid-variyan, which means “deep sleep.” In the state of padarthabhavini, the incessant thoughts of the mind cease and become non-existent as the yogi experiences ananda, or “pure bliss.”

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Sixth Stage of Knowledge

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