Divya Yoga

Last Updated: March 3, 2018

Definition - What does Divya Yoga mean?

Divya yoga is a style of yoga that blends traditional Hatha yoga practice with a contemporary style of movement called Hellerwork. Divya yoga was developed by Canadian yogi and Hellerwork practitioner, Daryl Vansier. Divya is a Sanskrit word that means “wonderful,” “divine,” “celestial,” “magical” and “heavenly.”

In addition to classes, workshops and retreats in Canada and Costa Rica, Divya yoga practice can be accessed through a four-segment DVD series. The Divya yoga DVDs feature a moderate and rhythmic meditative asana flow.

Yogapedia explains Divya Yoga

Divya yoga is a therapeutic practice that helps yogis release tension in what is referred to as body-mind therapy; and by releasing tension, it promotes emotional and physical health. Classical asanas are the foundation of yoga posture flows that are matched to the 11 parts of the trademarked Hellerwork series, which connects awareness with movement and body alignment.

Divya yoga focuses on four aspects:

  • Surface layers of muscle and connective tissues
  • Deeper muscle and connective tissues that are often tight and are responsible for fine motor movements
  • Balance of masculine and feminine energy
  • Integration of all aspects

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