Agni Tattva

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Agni Tattva Mean?

Agni tattva is one of the five elemental forces of nature in Hinduism, Tantrism and other faiths and philosophies with roots in the Indian subcontinent. The names comes from the Sanskrit agni, meaning “fire,” and tattva, which means “truth,” “reality” or “thatness.” Agni is also the name of the Hindu god of fire.

Agni tattva is associated with the manipura (navel or solar plexus) chakra, which is the center of personal power and inner fire. When this chakra is balanced, self-esteem and confidence are high.


Yogapedia Explains Agni Tattva

Also known as tejas tattva, agni tattva is the fire of kundalini energy, which rises through the practice of yoga.

When agni tattva is balanced, it helps with digestion, which provides physical energy for the body and sustains life, but it also provides emotional digestion and absorption. The symbol of agni tattva is a red triangle.

In addition to agni tattva, the five elemental tattvas (or panchabhuta) also include:

  • Akasha (ether or space)
  • Aayu (air)
  • Apas (water)
  • Pritvi (earth)

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