Daiva Loka

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Daiva Loka Mean?

Daiva loka is the name of one of the planes of existence outlined in Sankhya philosophy. Different beings exist on each of the planes, and daiva loka is the plane upon which the lower gods are said to reside.

The word daiva is Sanskrit, and has many meanings, one of which is “relating to gods, caused by or coming from gods.” It can also be translated as “divine” or “celestial.” The word loka is also Sanskrit and means "world" or "a particular division of the universe."


Yogapedia Explains Daiva Loka

The different planes of existence are referenced in many of the Upanishads. Some say that there are 14 planes of existence in total, while others reference as many as 31.

When a being is reborn, they will be reborn into a life, and therefore onto a plane of existence, or loka, which corresponds to the karma they have accumulated in their past lives.

According to the philosophy that divides existence into 14 planes, daiva loka is the fourth of seven higher lokas, and it is one step above gandharva loka, where the demigods live. The step above daiva loka is indra loka, where the higher gods, who control nature and the weather, reside.

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