Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Paramshanti Mean?

Paramshanti is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “the highest peace.” It comes from the root words param meaning “highest” or “supreme” and shanti meaning “peace”.

According to yogic teachings, the true nature of the soul is paramshanti. When an individual can realize their true nature, they have the opportunity to experience existing in the state of highest peace. Paramshanti is said to be even better than a state of supreme happiness because people will tire of supreme happiness, but they can never tire of supreme peace.


Yogapedia Explains Paramshanti

Paramshanti is perhaps best known for its celebration in the param shanti mantra. It is said that through chanting the param shanti mantra 50 or 100 times every day, a yogi will be filled with its vibrations of peace. Some believe that this affects the subtle body, which allows peace to also radiate out into the world.

The param shanti mantra can be chanted out loud or in the mind. It is said to work best if the yogi begins by conjuring up an understanding of their soul form before they begin chanting. This helps to connect then with the fact that paramshanti is already the purest state of being.

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