Definition - What does Paramanand mean?

Paramanand is the brand name of a yoga school, and the name of a a yoga institute, the Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research, which is based in Madhya Pradesh, India. It runs residential yoga teacher trainings in an ashram setting, as well as carrying out research into yogic techniques and their effects.

Paramanand Yoga has its roots in the founding of a charitable school for the poor in 1966 by Swami Shri Paramanand. The whole organization now encompasses many schools, colleges, ashrams and hospitals. Its stated aim is to work towards giving mankind ultimate knowledge in order to work towards a better humanity.

Yogapedia explains Paramanand

Paramanand focuses its education on the teachings of yoga and vedanta. It imparts authentic and traditional yoga training that covers yogic lifestyle principles as well as practices. In teaching traditional yoga, Paramanand cover branches of yoga, which include hatha, ashtanga, kundalini and bhakti yoga, in order to give students a broad and balanced experience.

The research institute looks to decode ancient scriptures in order to unveil yogic techniques and use them to their maximum potential. It describes its ashram as serene, calm and inspiring.

Paramanand welcomes international students and is in the process of becoming approved as a Yoga University. Its partner projects include the Paramanand Yoga Therapy Hospital, which has treated thousands of patients.

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