Nirguna Meditation

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Nirguna Meditation Mean?

Nirguna meditation focuses on abstract, esoteric concepts. It is the opposite of saguna meditation, which focuses on something concrete, such as a sound, an image or even the breath. In nirguna meditation, the yogi becomes one with the focus on meditation, whereas in saguna meditation, the yogi and the object of focus are separate.

Nirguna is a Sanskrit word that means “without attributes.” In this type of meditation, the yogi may focus on the primordial cosmic sound vibration of Om (or Aum), Brahman, consciousness, truth, eternity or similar abstract ideas.


Yogapedia Explains Nirguna Meditation

When practicing nirguna meditation, the yogi clears the mind of all thoughts that give shape to the concept that is the focus of meditation. It must remain formless and without attributes. The goal of nirguna meditation is union with the universal Truth.

Nirguna mantras may be used during this meditation and help provide a connection with the universe. The mantras themselves are abstract. Perhaps the best known nirguna mantra is Om, which is the primordial sound vibration that has no particular meaning. It is repeated simply for the power of the sound. Other nirguna mantras include: Aham Brahma Asmi (I am Brahman), Soham (I am what I am), and Tat Twam Asi (That thou art).

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