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What Does Nididhyasana Mean?

Nididhyasana is a stage in the journey towards awakening and realisation within Advaita Vedanta and Jnana Yoga. It is described as a rational, cognitive process that involves an effortless and spontaneous meditation on the mahavakyas, which are profound statements from the Upanishads, such as "That art Thou". Nididhyasana is the final step on the path to correctly understanding the meaning of the Mahavakyas.

The word nididhyasana is derived from the Sanskrit root word dhyai, which can be translated as “to think,” or “to call to mind” or “to brood.”


Yogapedia Explains Nididhyasana

Nididhyasana is the final stage in a four part process, which includes samanyasa, shravana, manana and then nididhyasana. It begins with samanyasa, which are the preparatory processes of cultivating the qualities needed to fully hear the teachings. Then comes shravana, which means “hearing the truth,” and manana which means “contemplating the truth”. Once these have been achieved and refined, nididhyasana arises naturally. It is the culmination of shravana and manana.

Nididhyasana is sometimes described as living and breathing the truth. It achieves the stages on the yogic path of dhyana and samadhi, and allows for a direct intuition of Brahman.

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