Surahi Mudra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Surahi Mudra Mean?

Surahi mudra is a relatively simple yoga mudra or hand position, which is thought to help channel the pranic energy through the body in particular ways. It is performed by bringing the tip of the right little finger onto the tip of the left ring finger, and the tip of the left little finger onto the tip of the right ring finger. The palms face in opposite directions and the arms remain in a relaxed position. The thumbs and other fingers are left free.

Surahi is considered particularly useful for beginners, as it is simple to perform and hold.


Yogapedia Explains Surahi Mudra

Surahi mudra is said to have a number of physical benefits, including helping to ease rheumatic inflammation, improve respiratory conditions and cure colds. On a mental level it is also believed to sharpen the intellect.

It can be held for as long as is desired, and there are no contraindications or precautions for this mudra.

As with most mudras, traditionally surahi mudra is practiced while the yogi sits in lotus pose, but it can be performed in any comfortable seated posture. The practitioner can meditate and focus their awareness on their breath and their hands as they practice it.

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