Kaya Kalpa

Definition - What does Kaya Kalpa mean?

Kaya kalpa is an ancient system of bodily rejuvenation practiced in Ayurveda said to reverse the natural aging process. From Sanskrit, kaya means “body” and kalpa means “transformation.” The belief is that kaya kalpa practices turn old cells into new ones, and remove all impurities and toxins, which cause physical degeneration.

As a process that is believed to transform the whole body, kaya kalpa is said to help open the mind and spirit in order to experience God, connect with the Divine and cultivate inner peace.

Yogapedia explains Kaya Kalpa

Kaya kalpa originated with Ayurveda in ancient India, and may be more than 10,000 years old. It is said to have been brought to the West by Dr. Raam Pandeya.

Traditionally, the process of undergoing kaya kalpa was only accessible to the very wealthy. Its secret practices were closely guarded by the siddhas, and only those with enough money and time, such as rishis and royalty, would be able to experience kaya kalpa.

Kaya kalpa may include a range of therapies, such as herbal or mineral preparations, breathing practices, lifestyle guidelines and constitutional assessments. In some descriptions of traditional kaya kalpa practices, the yogi spends about 90 days in a dark closed hut, where the body is “detoxified” using herbal pastes, medicinal plants, leeches and purgative treatments. Then the body is restored and nourished using tonics, juices, massages and oils.

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