Kriyamana Karma

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Kriyamana Karma Mean?

Kriyamana karma is one of the three main categories of karma described in the Vedas and is sometimes referred to as future karma. In general, karma is the effect that actions in past lives or the current life have on the current or future lives of an individual. Kriyamana karma, in particular, is that which is being created in the present life. It is basically the concept that is popularly thought of when the term, karma, is used in Western culture.

The term comes from the Sanskrit, kriya, meaning “completed action,” and mana, meaning “belief” or “thought.” Karma is derived from the root word, kri, which means “to act.” Kriyamana karma is also known as agami or vartamana karma.


Yogapedia Explains Kriyamana Karma

Although kriyamana karma affects the future, it can be cleared, if negative, by atoning for bad actions in the current life. Likewise, good kriyamana karma can be negated by bad actions. To atone for those actions that lead to bad kriyamana karma, one can turn to spiritual practices such as meditation, Karma yoga, prayer, service and satsang (cultivating truth).

The two other main forms of karma are:

  • Prarabdha karma, which refers to past actions in previous lives that affect the current life. It cannot be removed or changed. If the previous life was pious, the karma will be good and the person will live a happy life, but bad karma from a previous life means suffering in this life.
  • Sanchita karma, which represents all of the karma that has been collected during one’s life, both good and bad. It will affect future lives or, if bad, can be cleared in the present life – before it comes to fruition – through spiritual practices.

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Agami Karma

Vartamana Karma

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